Type 1 Diabetes: Causes and Symptoms

There is a serious misconception about Type 1 diabetes that it is preventable. This is sadly not true. In fact, type 2 diabetes can be prevented if the symptoms are recognized timely but such is not the case for type 1. On the upside, only 3 out of every 100 diabetic patients have the first type of diabetes. This clearly indicates that it is less common.

What is type1 Diabetes?

It is very important to understand what type 1 diabetes is for its effective treatment in the long run. However, there is no specific type 1 diabetes definition. It is only a form of diabetes in which the body does not or is unable to produce a specified amount of insulin in the body. As a result of this, the blood glucose level increases abnormally and this is known as type 1 diabetes mellitus. The fact about this type of diabetes is that it has no particular age when it onsets. It can appear in a person of any age; young or old. The Type 1 diabetes symptoms include frequent urination, thirst, hunger pangs and weight gain.

Insulin plays crucial role in blood sugar regulation

 A very important thing that should be known about insulin is that it plays a vital role in the blood sugar regulation and control in the body. Hence, if the body does not produce adequate amount this will naturally result in a substantial increase in its level in the body. The lack of insulin production in the body eventually also leads to the existing insulin cells dying.


Causes of Type 1 Diabetes         

There are several causal factors that are held responsible for type 1 of diabetes. The following is a quick overview of the reasons that become possible causes of it.

  1. Genetics

The most common reason of diabetes is the genetics. This disease is hereditary and is passed on from one generation to another.

  1. Auto-antigens production

These types of antigens can be produced in the body as a result of injury or bacterial infection. These antigens are responsible for the destruction of beta cells in the body.

  1. Poor diet

Poor diet is also a causal factor for the development of this condition in the body. This is why type 1 diabetes diet is considered to be an effective treatment for diabetes.

Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes

There is no type 1 diabetes cure. However, there is certain type 1 diabetes treatment that is helpful to prevent and control the intensity of the disease. The following are some ways in which this disease is treated.

  • Treatment for type 1 diabetes encourages physical activity. Maximum physical exercise or movement will play a crucial role in blood sugar regulation.
  • Healthy diet and daily nutrition is also very helpful in regulating and treating type 1 of diabetes.
  • Proper medication is advised for diabetic patients. Mostly, injecting insulin is recommended.

Monitoring the diabetes on daily basis is also helpful to keep a check on the rate of diabetes.