The effective Insulin Pumps for Controlling Diabetes

Insulin pumps are small pager like devices having screens, buttons and internal computers that deliver insulin in two different ways in the human body. In one way it delivers insulin in a slow and continuous fashion which is known as basal. This basal rate runs continuously for 24 hours. It’s very similar to what you might already be using for insulin called ‘lantus’ or ‘levimir’, which is continuous or slow acting. There is another quick way of infusing insulin as a large burst of insulin which is known as ‘bolus’.

Advantages of Pump Therapy

There are some amazing benefits of Pump therapy

  • It reduces fluctuation in blood glucose.
  • It gives accurate figure of delivery 1/10th units of insulin in the body.
  • It manages the dawn phenomenon in diabetes.
  • It effectively predicts the delivery of insulin.
  • It increases flexibility in patient’s lifestyle.
  • It reduces severe hypoglycemia.
  • It reduces the risk of low blood glucose in the body by tightening blood glucose control.

insulin pumps

How to Deliver Insulin in Human Body?

It would be delivered through the pump from the cartridge into your body through a very thin plastic tube named an infusion set. For instance, if your blood sugar is above your target then you would give more bolus to body.  There is not a complicated surgical procedure and it is really very easy to use. In addition, pumps do not know your blood sugars level. You should check your blood sugar and basically tell the pump how much dose to the body. Insulin pumps for diabetics are great tools for diabetic people for controlling diabetes.

Cost of Insulin Pump

 For Type 1 diabetic people, insulin pump cost includes Insulin pump consumables (IPCs) and blood testing strips which subsidized costing equal to $26 per month, but insulin syringes fare free. For people with Type 2 diabetes consumable cost is not covered by the NDSS and charges nearly $270 per month.

Insulin pumps comparison is a process of evaluating number of following features.

  • “Active insulin remaining” calculation
  • Insulin pump history (boluses, basal rates, total daily insulin delivery, etc)
  • Waterproof/Water-Resistance Rating

There has been patch pump designed specifically for the folks having type 2 diabetes.

Usage of Insulin Pump

Insulin pump for type 2 diabetes is disposable and it is made to fill up with fast-acting insulin. You may use it for 24 hours then you throw it out and put on the new one. Typically, folks with type 2 diabetes have to take multiple daily injections of long acting insulin. These pumps are good because once you put them on. Only one application per day is required. You have to simply push the button before having meal no electronics. No external controller is there and these pumps are already spree set to give you a certain amount of fast-acting insulin in the basal state in 24 hours’ period either 20 or 30/40 units for 24 hours.