Pre–Pregnancy Care for People with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease which causes an increase in sugar level in blood. Every cell in our body needs the energy to perform its functions. So when we eat food, our body breaks it into carbohydrates which are further converted into sugar. During this process, the pancreas in our body releases a hormone called Insulin. This hormone moderates the level of sugar in the blood and it is also responsible for producing energy in our body during the process of metabolism. Without it, it is impossible for our body to perform well. This article is about Pre-pregnancy care for people with diabetes.

Complications in Pregnancy if the woman has Diabetes

If a pregnant woman is suffering from diabetes then she can have more pregnancy complications if she does not carefully regulate and manage glucose level in blood. If she wants that the fetus does not get any organ damage then she should manage target glucose level before conceiving. During the whole period of pregnancy, it is important for them to regulate glucose level to avoid further serious complications.

High level of glucose in the blood will increase the weight of fetus. It will then create problems for the mother at the time of delivery. It is dangerous for both mother and child as it can cause a sudden drop of glucose level in a child after birth. Fetuses that are exposed to the high glucose level in the womb for a long period of time have more chances to develop diabetes complications later in their life.

Before Pregnancy Care              

All the babies that born to women suffering with diabetes or with poor diabetes control have greater risks of defects at birth time. Information about diabetes and conception should be given to every woman at an early age. If a woman is planning pregnancy then her medical history and glucose level in blood should be tested with great care. All the medications she is taking for lowering blood glucose should be replaced with insulin. All the diabetes medications that are not allowed during pregnancy should be stopped immediately. All necessary steps should be taken before the conception is confirmed. Pre-pregnancy carefor people with diabetes is a very necessary task that is to be done with great care.

Pregnant woman and Diabetes

It is important to do a careful planning for pregnancy if the woman is with diabetes. Take proper help from your diabetes care, team. A regular self monitoring is very important during pregnancy. All the pregnancies with diabetes require frequent interventions, monitoring, and consultations with healthcare professionals. There is a strong need to check all the medications that the women are taking for diabetes and their side effects on pregnancy. The pregnancy complications that are associated with diabetes are very high. Pre-pregnancy care for people with diabetes is very necessary to avoid these complications. A woman should be given proper dose of iron and folic acid as they have many advantages for both woman and developing child.