Managing Diabetes with Physical Exercise

There are thousands of diseases which affect men, women and children alike. Some of these are deadly, some are not, yet some of these diseases are life-long. These diseases may not have a 100% cure but these diseases can be managed. One of such diseases is diabetes mellitus. There are many ways in which a person can manage diabetes. Managing diabetes with physical exercise is also possible. There are several specific exercise for diabetes type 1 and type 2. Through these exercises, the disease is managed and a person can live a normal life. Here are a few common questions that people ask about diabetes and exercise.

How does exercise control the affects of diabetes?

The diabetes is a condition which is caused by low levels of insulin which is supposed to use the sugar levels in the blood and convert into energy. As long as a person has insulin in his body, the muscles will burn glucose and keep the blood sugar at normal. Exercise helps lower the glucose level in the blood, and it also increases the effectiveness of the insulin.

How does exercise increase effectiveness of insulin?

The exercise increases the insulin sensitivity. This way the cells of the body use the amount of insulin available to convert the glucose into energy.

Are there any special exercises for diabetes?

There is as such no particular diabetes exercise. But the exercise that affects the belly, or the places or the body where there is excessive fat is more beneficial. The reason is that the fat people are at more risk of developing the diabetes and getting it out of control. So, the person who tries to lose weight, do some aerobics and tough training, he will remain healthy and manage diabetes better than those who do not exercise. The people who exercise regularly and have a proper diabetes exercise plan manage the disease just right.

Ask the doctor

It is always better to contact a physical trainer or a physician to know what exercises are most effective. Walking, jogging, cycling are the three basic exercises that a person with diabetes must do. Exercise and diabetes go hand in hand; if a person does not perform exercise he will increase the blood sugar.

Exercise and stress level

The exercise also decreases the stress levels, which is another cause for diabetes. The person who stresses a lot is at risk of getting diabetes 16% more than the person who does not stress. It is thus important to do some exercise for diabetes patient.

How to exercise?

If a teenager has diabetes, he must walk or jog at least 5 miles a day. A teenager can manage diabetes with proper exercise and diet which includes leafy vegetables and sour veggies such as bitter gourd.

An adult age 19 and above needs to do a walk for 2 or three hours daily. It is important to choose from moderate to intense workouts for better results and better control and managing diabetes with physical exercise.