Insulin Pumps for Controlling Diabetes in Patients

Glucose which is an essential element for our body can create the problem in our lives. We get the glucose from the food we eat. It is the source of energy for your body. Insulin is a hormone which helps the glucose gets into your cell. The disease relate to glucose is diabetes. Diabetes is a disease in which blood sugar or blood glucose levels gets very high.

Which instrument is useful for injecting insulin in body?

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which human body cannot make insulin and without enough insulin, the glucose remains in your blood. Type 2 diabetes is a condition in which human body does not use insulin well. There is huge number of patients suffering with this disease.
Treating diabetes with insulin helps to manage your blood sugar. The main function of insulin is to control the level of Glucose in your blood and to store glucose in your body for energy.Insulin pen is a pen use to inject insulin in body. It has an insulin container and a dial to measure the dose.  People use it with disposable needles to inject the dose and dispose it after being used.
Consequences of Insulin Resistance
In insulin resistance, your muscle and liver cell do not absorb glucose from the blood. So your body needs high level of insulin to help glucose enter into the cell.The beta cell help to overcome the insulin resistance in this condition and blood glucose levels stays in healthy range. However, not treating insulin resistance can lead to serious health disorders.
There is a one very serious condition of insulin that is also known as Insulin-dependent diabetes. It is Type 1 diabetes where pancreas produce little amount of insulin which is a hormone allows glucose entering into the cell. Genetic and environment factors are the causes of type 1 diabetes. It is also known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
Insulin pump is used for the treatment of this type of diabetes. It controls and process diabetes through the disposable reservoir for insulin inside it. It consists of an infusion set and cannula.
Insulin Sensitivity in Human Body
Insulin sensitivity
 is a condition that tells about the sensitivity of body because of insulin. Some people say that insulin sensitive condition needs insulin in a small amount for making the blood glucose level low. Diabetes specialist use standardized test for checking the human body’s system and its reaction towards insulin in the body.

Insulin Function in Diabetes                                       

Insulin function is storage of fat. It plays very important role in regulation of blood glucose. Insulin signals the liver to take up glucose and store it as glycogen so the body can have enough energy. Blur vision, water retention, and disturbed sensation are the common insulin side effects.
There are certain side effects of using insulin. Therefore, a patient should follow Insulin dosage with the recommendation of his physician as over dose can create a lot of problem.