What is Insulin? Diabetes insulin dependent patients

Are you well aware of diabetes and insulin? Then let us guide you and tell you insulin definition. Diabetes and insulin are links with each other. Diabetes has no cure. The condition is lifelong and develops a situation in which a person suffers from high sugar level. The hormone insulin discovered by scientists is produced from pancreas. It helps to control glucose in blood. Diabetes insulin dependent patients have to take insulin permanently for their entire life. Find out the associated terms and symptoms of severe condition.

Diabetes patients and associated symptoms

There are two main types of diabetes

  • Pancreas does not produce type 1 diabetes insulin
  • Type 2 diabetes does not produce enough insulin.

Symptoms of diabetes will may vary from person to person and is according to body type. However, symptom for type 1 diabetes are

  • Feeling thirsty
  • Dry mouth
  • Feel tired or exhausted
  • Loss of weight and muscle
  • Passing urine frequently

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes will develop quickly, and many young people suffer from this condition. The situation will occur due to lack of insulin in body when glucose stays in theblood and does not create enough fuel to consume as energy.

It is best if the diabetes is diagnosed at this stage.

Treatment of Type 1 diabetes

Diabetes is incurable. There are many treatments introduced by researchers. Insulin for type 1 diabetes helps to control the sugar level, and doctors also recommend it. It is best to manage symptoms at an early age and find a curable prevention stage. If any person is found with diabetes, then doctors refer and advise proper monitoring. As body is unable to produce proper insulin so injections will help to adjust glucose level in body.

Many patients useinsulin diabetes type 1.

Complication associated with diabetes

Diabetes is a prolonged serious health condition. It is common and causes the patient to experience vision loss. Most of the patients also suffer from blindness. People at ayoung age after 12 till 20, if found with diabetes type 1 needs to have proper eye screening.

However, patient most likely experiences kidney failure as well or amputation of alower limb. Remember that individuals with diabetes are found with cardiovascular disease than those who do not have.

Lifestyle change with type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes insulin is lifetime treatment, but it is wise to adopt simple lifestyle changes. These changes will help and look after the health carefully. You will be able to spend prolonged life with these changes such as

  • Eating balanced and healthy
  • You need to lose weight efficiently.
  • If you are overweight, then it is best to maintain ahealthy weight by adopting good meal or diet plan. It is best to stop smoking if you smoke regularly
  • Make sure to quit alcohol habit
  • It is best to practice relaxation techniques.
  • Take aproper walk, exercise regularly and have healthy meals.

So ask the doctor for best recommendation and save your life.

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