Diabetes and Statistics – Some Facts and You

Diabetes is a disease which causes an increase in sugar level in blood. Every cell in our body needs the energy to perform its functions. So when we eat food, our body breaks it into carbohydrates which are further converted into sugar. During this process, the pancreas in our body releases a hormone called Insulin. This hormone moderates the level of sugar in the blood and it is also responsible for producing energy in our body during the process of metabolism. Without it, it is impossible for our body to perform well. Here in this article, you will find some statistics about diabetes.

Damages Caused by Diabetes

The uncontrolled sugar level in our blood cell can cause serious damages in our body. Some small and large bold vessels can be damaged. This leads to heart disease, kidney diseases, nervous system disorder, and eye diseases. In order to keep avoid these diseases; you have to keep track the level of blood in our cells. Doctors treat it with insulin and other medications. Healthy eating and regular exercise are also very important for diabetes patients.

Some Statistic about Diabetes                      

According to a survey about 29.1 million people in the USA are suffering from Diabetes. 21 million people are diagnosed with this disease. 27.8 % people remain undiagnosed. In women about 35 to 60 percent have the chances of developing diabetes within 20 yeas. As per a research, 90% to 95% of all diabetes cases are type 2. 86 million people in the USA have prediabetes. If this trend continues like this ratio, the number of people with diabetes will be expected to double by 2050. 2 to 10 % gestational diabetes occur in all pregnancies.

Some More Statistics about Diabetes

According to Disease Control and Prevention, every 1 person in 10 Americans has diabetes. There are many countries in the world that have most of the adults living with diabetes. China has 98.4 million, India has 65.1 million, and the United States has 24.4 million people suffering from this disease. Russian federation, Mexico, and Indonesia have 10.9, 8.7, and 8.5 million people suffering from diabetes. Germany and Egypt have 7.6 million people as a carrier of this disease.

Some Statistics about Complications

Statistics about diabetes shows that in the United States Diabetes is the seventh top cause of death. About 60 % to 70 % people develop nervous system damage due to this disease. In 20 to 70-year-old adults, the main cause of blindness is Diabetes. Diabetes is also the main cause of kidney failure. Due to this disease, many people have impaired sensation in hands and feet. They also have carpal tunnel syndrome. Some other problems associated with diabetes are digestive problems and erectile dysfunction.

Cost Statistics

The medical expense for diabetes in the USA was about USD 116 Billion. Statistics about diabetes shows that Health care expenses of people with diabetes are about 2 times higher than those who don’t have this disease. In 2010, diabetes cost the world economy USD 376.